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 15 February 2012 | 15:46  . ET

I am shamed by Muslim attitudes to the Holocaust

Today, for the twelfth year running, the UK marks Holocaust Memorial Day. The date commemorates the liberation of Auschwitz on January 27, 1945.

  Events in Syria could lead to genocide: Rai

Saudi-born expats an asset, not a liability
Nations have to take certain decisions in the larger interest of their countrymen. But while doing so they tend to ignore those who may not be in the mainstream but play a crucial role in the development of the country's economy.
Urgent Call for Help from a Saudi Mother: Saudi Police and Wahhabi Judges deny her Maternal Rights
A young Saudi woman is appealing for assistance in having her infant child restored to her.  In a letter she sent to Aafaq, Shouk Alshammary, said that her life and the life of her infant daughter are in jeopardy, and has asked that her message and appeal be delivered to human rights organizations and defenders of women, motherhood and children, in all quarters of the world, and of all religious faiths.
Letter to President Bush on the Annapolis Conference
The Beirut Secretariat for the Damascus Declaration sent a letter to President Georges W. Bush signed by its secretary, former Syrian MP and member of the National Opposition, and one of the prisoners of conscience Mohamad Mamoun El Homsy, demanding that the Annapolis Peace Conference does not become a place of defeat for the project of freedom and democracy and an incentive for the victory of dictatorship on the ambitions, struggle and hopes of the Syrian people and the peoples in the Middle East region.
Women in Iraq are among the Major Users of the Internet
As soon as the internet came to Iraq, Iraqis seized upon it, and began browsing.  In a short time Iraqi women have come to be among its most frequent users in Iraq.  And no sooner did the internet come into Iraq homes, than the proportion of users who are women increased even more.  In the following, we cover what Aafaq learned from discussions of internet usage with a number of Iraqi women.
Syrian Authorities Prevent Head of Rights Group from Traveling and Block Internet Site
On Monday, Syrian authorities barred the head of the National Organization for Human Rights in Syria, Dr. Ammar Qurabi, from traveling to Jordan to participate in a symposium on human rights and politics.

These cancerous cells that have spread through the nationp_coms body, which are the garbage and refuse of the obsolete secular ideology, are the source of corruption.
Hani Al-Sibai

Egyptian Sunni Scholar lives in London


To say that secularism is anti-religious, a person must be an ignoramus on the definition of secularism in the dictionaries of Europe, the homeland of secularism.

Lafif Lakhdar

Tunisian-born reformist thinker based in France


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