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  15 February 2012  | 15:46  . ET

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Letter to President Bush on the Annapolis Conference
By: Aafaq.org 
Published : 26/11/2007 12:28 PM


President Georges W. Bush and Mohamad Mamoun El Homsy during the Conference of Security and Democracy in Prague on June 5, 2007 (right) and a poster says “Dissidents who could not join us Today because they are in jail” 

(Washington – Aafaq) - The Beirut Secretariat for the Damascus Declaration sent a letter to President Georges W. Bush signed by its secretary, former Syrian MP and member of the National Opposition, and one of the prisoners of conscience Mohamad Mamoun El Homsy, demanding that the Annapolis Peace Conference does not become a place of defeat for the project of freedom and democracy and an incentive for the victory of dictatorship on the ambitions, struggle and hopes of the Syrian people and the peoples in the Middle East region. [Full Story in Arabic]


The letter quotes as follows:


Mr. President Georges W. Bush, President of the United States of America


The peoples of the Middle East region have long awaited, after enduring great sorrow, pain and wars whose victims have always been innocent civilians (women, children, the elderly and promising youth),  to reach a just, global and secure peace.


Your initiative to hold the Annapolis Peace Conference and your efforts aiming to establish the sovereign, free and sustainable Palestinian state in compliance with the international resolutions are two positive and vital steps for achieving peace in the region.


We consider that the most important factors for the success of any peace initiative should be based on sound and sincere fundaments and principles, apart from the spreading of animosity, hatred, extremism and terrorism among the peoples of the Middle East region.


Convoking the Syrian regime to the Annapolis Conference caused to our people a sensation of shock, utter surprise and disdain after long awaiting the fulfillment of your promises to seek the end of all forms of dictatorship and terrorism in the region, as expressed in your speech at the Conference of Security and Democracy in Prague held on June 5, 2007 and in the following quote:


“I guarantee to America the achievement of the sole objective: put an end to dictatorial rule in the world”.


The Syrian Baathist Dictatorial Regime is one of the most hideous dictatorships in the world, in view of its past and present acts of murder and deprivation against our people, its corruption and plunder of our nation’s resources, its imprisonment of members of the Syrian National Opposition subjecting them to the most inhumane treatment, its non-disclosure of the fate of thousands of missing individuals in its prisons and its violation of the most elemental human rights and conventions.


This regime has emphatically proven to the world its intention to execute the sabotage scheme in the Middle East region, thus becoming the animus of said regime fully exposed to the international community.


The hands of this regime are tainted with the blood of the innocent for involving the Syrian and Arab young elite in the fighting taking place in Iraq, eventually causing the death of many US soldiers and thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians in addition to thousands of injured and disabled civilians.


This regime, rebellious on the international community and its resolutions notably relating to the Lebanese case, has exerted the most heinous forms of murder, control and intervention in Lebanon, and transformed Syria into a safe passageway for the inflow of arms and terrorists in order to create havoc in Lebanon and destroy it as an independent entity.


This regime does not hold in its scheme any sincere intention to establish peace and has sought throughout the years to cause dissension, setbacks and seditions among the Palestinians in order to cause their disruption and prevent their unity.


This regime, spreading animosity and hatred in its various mass media and educational media against your people and the peoples of the free world, is unworthy to be invited to a peace conference. At the outset, this regime is used to make covert deals and concessions for ensuring its survival and hegemony in the region.


The visit of Syrian national opposition member, Dr. Kamal El Lebwani, to your country for several days in order to convey the call of freedom of the Syrian people ultimately resulted in his imprisonment, barbarically convicting him with a jail term up to twelve years.


Your decision, adopted a few days ago to impose seizure on the funds of the youngest member of the ruling family, Colonel Hafez Makhlouf, was interpreted by the regime as non-effective pressure. Such decision caused dissatisfaction among the people, who were expecting a joint decision from the international community to impose seizure on the funds of senior members of the ruling family and place such funds in consignment, to be reimbursed to our people after the fall of said regime.


Mr. President


We demand more isolation and confrontation with the Syrian dictatorial regime and less contention that may support the tyranny and oppression of such regime. The policy of contention distorts the positive impression of our people as well as their conviction that your sole objective is to end dictatorial rule in the world. Therefore, our demand for more isolation and confrontation with the regime shall significantly contribute to reduce the suffering and pain endured by our people. The Syrian people is impatiently awaiting your great country to assume the grand responsibility of bringing this regime to justice so that it may be sentenced for all its crimes perpetrated against humanity.


Mr. President

Respectfully yours


The Beirut Secretariat for the Damascus Declaration

Mohamad Mamoun El Homsy

Beirut – The Information Office of the Secretariat 24 -11 -2007-



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