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  15 February 2012  | 15:46  . ET

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Syrian opposition group implores Arab leaders to save Lebanon

Published : 19/11/2007 3:19 PM

The region is witnessing these days the most difficult circumstances starting from Iraq, going through Palestine and reaching Lebanon. An inferno of panic and fear of the upcoming unknown is prevailing among the Lebanese people after the serial assassinations and bombings that plagued Lebanese politicians, the Lebanese Army, innocent civilians and UNIFIL forces that are performing the noble task of preventing the breakout of wars and the shedding of blood of innocent victims, thus after the Syrian regime let its borders wide open for the inflow of weapons and exported terrorists to Lebanon, with an overt menace of destruction to that country expressed through its officials and mass media.


The entire world has become helpless in putting an end to this nightmare although Arab and world leaders have been exerting all efforts to save Lebanon from the danger of such regime as well as save the Syrian people from the risks yielding a negative impact on them in addition to the hardships they are enduring.

The resolutions adopted by the UN Security Council would have been sufficient for avoiding calamities if the Syrian dictatorial regime were not rebellious and disregardful of these resolutions.


Arab and international Diplomatic efforts were conceived by the regime as a weakness and aforesaid regime presumes to have the power to subjugate the world to its desires of hegemony and control over Lebanon and the region.

The serious and delicate situation, the little available time and the regime persistence on its fiendish agenda of creating havoc and confessional sedition, careless of the possible spreading of such sedition to Syria and its threat to the security of UNIFIL Forces… all of that requires:

 - Adopting an immediate Arab and international resolution serving as a last, stern, anticipated warning to deter the regime. Such resolution should include cutting diplomatic relations, recalling ambassadors, and making the regime accountable for all that has occurred and is occurring in Lebanon, thus in case the aforesaid regime keeps on hampering the presidential elections within the constitutional deadline ending on November 23, 2007.


Such resolution may drive the regime to reconsider its covert plans and expectations, thus saving Lebanon and the region from its lurking evil for the time being.

Beirut, November 17, 2007     


Beirut Secretariat for The Damascus Declaration



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