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  15 February 2012  | 15:46  . ET

The Mission

Aafaq�s mission on the web is to show that � contrary to what is commonly imagined � it is not the fate of the Arab region be held captive to a choice between the alternatives of Islamism and dictatorship. Instead, there is a third way: the path of reform, liberalism and democracy. This is our choice, the choice of millions of people in the Arab world who dream of a life of dignity like the rest of humanity.

The Aafaq Foundation � Aafaq means �horizons� in Arabic � will dedicate its time and all its efforts to the fortifying this choice of the third way and in its defense, as it will work side by side with other Arab reformers and liberals to bring about the triumph of the cause of humanity, democracy, freedom and enlightenment in the Arab countries


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